New Guidance to Support Climate Technology Implementation

Technology Needs Assessments (TNA) help developing countries map out their long-term development priorities and identify technologies to realise these with lower emissions and stronger climate resilience. Since the end of the 1990s, over 100 developing countries have conducted TNAs. Currently, another 25 countries are in a TNA process, thereby supported by the UNEP DTU Partnership, with funding from the Global Environment Facility.

From reviews of past TNAs, as carried out by the UNFCCC secretariat, it has become clear that countries are well able to systematically prioritise technologies for climate and development. However, implementation of these technologies at the desired scale has often been problematic. A particular problem has been that the Technology Action Plans (TAPs), which countries prepare as part of a TNA, often contain insufficient information for potential investors to consider technologies and enabling actions for funding.

COP-20 (in Lima, December 2014) recognised this problem and requested guidance on how the results of the TNAs, in particular the TAPs, can be developed into projects that can be ultimately implemented. Recently, enhanced Guidance for Preparing a Technology Action Plan has been made available. At a side-event during the Bonn Climate Change Conference, on 18 May of this year, the guidance was presented. It can be viewed or downloaded from the TNA website:

  • The goal of the guidance is to help ensure that each completed TAP contains:
  • A set of concrete actions needed for successful technology implementation in the country
  • An indicative investment proposal has been formulated for each technology, which can be considered for funding by potential public and/or private funders

The target audience for a TAP are in-country public and private sector stakeholders that are likely to be involved in the implementation of the proposed actions detailed in the TAP.  The new guidance helps TNA country teams and stakeholders prepare TAPs in five steps:

  1. Ambition: describe the scale for technology deployment and diffusion in the country.
  2. Select actions for inclusion in the TAP
  3. Define responsibilities and time frame.
  4. Identify capacity and financial resource needs
  5. Monitor progress and take, where needed, corrective measures, and contingency plans.

Wytze van der Gaast's Blog - Uploaded on 29/06/2016

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