Discussion Papers

CARISMA Discussion Paper No. 2 - Improving coherence in the post-Paris global climate governance architecture

This discussion paper examines the broader architecture for global climate governance after Paris and offers suggestions for improving coherence within international climate governance that can be implemented by Parties to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) and the Paris Agreement, Parties to other international legal instruments, non-Party stakeholders, and other relevant actors. It begins with an overview of three significant areas of climate action initiated outside of the UNFCCC – focusing on other international legal regimes, minilateral climate coalitions and actions by non-Party stakeholders – and offers some indications of how such action may evolve in light of the Paris outcome. It then discusses the ways in which the United Nations climate regime is linked to action taken in other venues, with a focus on the Paris Agreement. The discussion paper ends with three suggestions on how those relationships could be strengthened, namely: (1) enhancing the visibility of non-UNFCCC climate action; (2) developing operational linkages; and (3) monitoring and review).

CARISMA D6.2 Discussion Paper No. 1 - Contextual factors affecting EU climate policies and their outcomes

Institutional, economic and social contexts influence the formulation as well as the implementation of climate policy instruments. To design more robust and adaptive instruments, it is necessary to understand different categories and types of contextual factors that are central to EU climate change mitigation. This paper identifies three types of contextual factors: institutions and governance; innovation and investment; attitudes, behaviour and lifestyle. By categorising the contextual factors and mapping examples of how each factor shapes and influences mitigation policies and their outcome, this paper seeks to contribute to more systematic understanding and structured discussions for EU and member state policy-makers. 

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