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CARISMA supports the development and diffusion of options, both technologies and practices, for reducing greenhouse gas emissions. Climate-friendly technologies and practices often already exist, yet for several reasons they do not enter the mainstream. CARISMA draws on existing and new insights for recommendations on research and innovation efforts for the development and diffusion of climate change mitigation options, including through international cooperation and better coordination of efforts as well as for policy and governance aspects. CARISMA ("Coordination and Assessment of Research and Innovation in Support of climate Mitigation Actions") is a funded project by the EU (Horizon 2020) for the period February 2015 - July 2018.

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CARISMA Policy Brief "Outsourcing and Offshoring R&D in Green Technology to Emerging Economies" (August 2016)

GLAMURS Final Conference 


New Guidance to Support Climate Technology Implementation

Technology Needs Assessments (TNA) help developing countries map out their long-term development priorities and identify technologies to realise these with lower emissions and stronger climate resilience. Since the end of the 1990s, over 100 developing countries have conducted TNAs. Currently, another 25 countries are in a TNA process, thereby supported by the UNEP DTU Partnership, with funding from the Global Environment Facility. Read more..







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