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CARISMA supports the development and diffusion of options, both technologies and practices, for reducing greenhouse gas emissions. Climate-friendly technologies and practices often already exist, yet for several reasons they do not enter the mainstream. CARISMA draws on existing and new insights for recommendations on research and innovation efforts for the development and diffusion of climate change mitigation options, including through international cooperation and better coordination of efforts as well as for policy and governance aspects.

CARISMA is an EU initiative

The CARISMA project has two overall objectives. First, through effective stakeholder consultation and communication leading to improved coordination and assessment of climate change mitigation options, it aims to benefit research and innovation efficiency as well as international cooperation on research and innovation and technology transfer. Second, it seeks to assess policy and governance questions that shape the prospects of climate change mitigation options, and discuss the results with representatives from the CARISMA target audiences to incorporate what can be learned for the benefit of climate change mitigation.

The experienced, interdisciplinary and diverse CARISMA consortium has an extensive track record of collaborating in Framework Programme projects. It combines capacity for technological, environmental, economic and social assessment with deep expertise across a range of climate change mitigation options, encompassing mature and emerging technologies as well as practices and governance, which are increasingly identified as important areas to achieve deep greenhouse gas emission reductions.

Communication with, and support to, the CARISMA target audiences are an integral part of the project. In all inventory and assessment activities envisaged in the project, interaction with stakeholders is a key part. To facilitate coordination and avoid overlap, these activities are overseen by a dedicated work package. The target audiences include national and local policymakers, innovation and strategy managers in business and industry, research funding organisations and the research community.

The CARISMA project will result in online platform services, face-to-face interactions, policy briefs and publications and increased capacity in the EU, Accession Countries and beyond, to address the climate change challenge and move towards a green, innovative and thriving global economy.